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How To Stop Frizz This Winter!

Do you ever think that it’s pointless doing your hair in the morning, as it’s only going to get ruined by some form of lovely British weather?   Well here are some pointers from us here at The Cutting Rooms to tame those locks. HAIRSPRAY! Even if you’re an anti 80’s advocate, hairspray WILL help

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Top Life Hacks For Better Hair

#LifeHacks #HairHacks Have a shoulder strap on your handbag? …well loose it.  When slinging that bag over your shoulder, you’ll constantly be catching your hair. It may seem petty but hey, every penny counts and all that. Eventually your hair will become more and more brittle and begin to split and ultimately, break off. Maybe

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The Re-Style…And The Power Of You

As spring approaches, it seems it is not only our surroundings that are going through new changes, our Stylists have been surprised and inspired by the amazing transformations of our clients. In just January, I have taken on a handful of re-styles which have been a truly wonderful experience to witness. But is it all

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NEW PRODUCTS **Wella SP Luxe Oil**

Introducing the new Wella SP Luxe Oil, the hottest hair oil on the market right now! The favourite hair oil used by stylists at the moment and is getting raved about in the reviews. Once you have tried this new product you will be saying goodbye to all the other oils you have used. Luxe

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