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Hair Extensions

cta-3-350x300_LANDSCAPEThe Cutting Rooms are delighted to offer clients the opportunity to transform their look with luxurious hair extensions from Racoon International. Add length, volume and texture to your natural hair instantly without compromising its condition, and enjoy the results for months to come.

We are a certified salon and our stylists have been fully trained by the experts at Racoon. As one of the biggest names in the industry, they have been supplying ethically-sourced human hair extensions and providing thorough training for more than 20 years.

Hair Extension Application Methods

We use Racoon’s bonded system for all of our hair extension clients. This allows extensions to be blended discreetly into your hair, giving your new lengths a natural appearance.

The methods that we use are completely safe and are scientifically proven not to cause damage. This is thanks to the inert polymer bond, which makes use of natural products and doesn’t cause allergic reactions. It will take on the colour of your own hair, holding your new extensions firmly in place almost invisibly.

Maintenance and Aftercare Products

The service we provide is thorough, bespoke and completely comprehensive. We will make sure that you leave with all the right products, knowing exactly how to look after your new hairdo.

Racoon have developed their own aftercare products which will keep your extensions in excellent condition and will allow you to make the most of them for as long as possible. We’ll also arrange regular maintenance appointments for you, allowing your stylist to look after your extensions and keep your hair healthy.

cta-3-350x300_LANDSCAPEYour options will depend entirely on your natural hair and what you would like to achieve with it, so all appointments are booked following an initial consultation. You will be able to meet with one of our eight fully-qualified stylists at any of our Northampton salons to decide on your new look. They will then be able to provide you with a full quotation based on the products and services you have chosen.

Contact The Cutting Rooms to book your complimentary consultation and take the first step towards a beautiful new hairstyle that’s tailored to you.

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