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Our dedicated managers bring knowledge, experience and confidence to our salons and they’re always actively working to improve our level of service.

Our complete list of talented managers can be found below, and each of these friendly senior members of staff is responsible for the development of our stylists, services and the salons in general.

  • Kerry Perkin
  • Kayleigh Lynch
  • Chloe Dolby
  • Gemma Collins

To book your next appointment with a dependable manager, call 01604 708228.

Book an appointment now. Call 01604 708228.

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Welcome Our New Graduate Stylists!

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Give it up for Chloe & Ralph! This month we had the pleasure of welcoming two Graduate Stylists to the floor in our Abington & St Leonards Road salons! After a lot of hard work they officially hold their NVQ qualification in Hairdressing, and to kick start their careers’ we’re offering a smashing… 50% OFF FOR

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Earn While You Learn With An Apprenticeship!

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NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) The NVQ is the certificate that you’ll gain once you have completed an apprenticeship offered by salons across the country. This is by far the single best way to get into the hairdressing industry. It also has the most benefits for candidates as you will earn a salary whilst you’re completing your

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Training at our Far Cotton Salon

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Every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm-7pm we host our in house training sessions for our apprentices, which gives them the opportunity to run their own column and build relationships with clients, which are invaluable lessons in the hairdressing industry. Our trainees are given complete independence in all services they are capable of, however, all services are closely supervised by our

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Welcome! This month we have the pleasure of introducing two new members of staff to our team, so welcome Alex and Rachel! On your first visit we are offering 40% off any colour service with either stylist! Currently these stylists are based at our Abington and St Leonards Road salons. Alex and Rachel are both

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Congrats! Congratulations to new talent, Darcy and Eden for qualifying in recent months! They’ve both worked incredibly hard and produced a fantastic portfolio of work! Darcy and Eden can be found at our Weston Favell salon. Get 40% OFF your first visit! Upon your first visit with either of our Graduate stylists, a 40% discount will be applied

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