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St Leonards in SalonOur stylists never fail to inspire, amaze and exceed our clients’ expectations, whilst they’re always up to date with the latest trends. We have talented individuals who specialise in barbering, colouring and styling, and every member of staff is trained to the highest standards.

Words from the Managing Director, George Major:

300x250-stylists-cutting-rooms“I love to see new stylists go onto the salon floor for the first time. I feel really proud of them. Most of them don’t realise how much it means to me to see them succeed in their profession and be great hairdressers. These bright creative young stylists are completely different people from when they walked through the doors two or three years before.”

Our stylists are constantly developing and evolving, and whether you want a style for a formal occasion, a night out or just a standard maintenance cut, our stylists can cater for your exact needs, ensuring you leave our salon feeling positive.

Contact today one of our salons to book your appointment with our stylists.

St. Leonards Road

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