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Posted on 03. Apr, 2017 by in News, Products, Salon news

This Month’s News

This April we have the pleasure of introducing our brand new online shop, featuring Wella’s new product range.

Often it’s easy to think that if you’re buying a colour save shampoo, then you must get the same conditioner. However, most of the time this is not the case, as your hair needs something else to improve the condition. With System Professional’s new Energy Coding tool, it enables us and you as clients to discover what the perfect combination of products are. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your hair and what you’d like to improve, what you don’t like ect, and the app will generate a unique code specific to your requirements, suggesting between 3 and 6 products.

We are also able to Energy Code your hair in salon during the consultation of your next appointment. This is a fantastic way of discovering what’s right for your hair, especially if you weren’t too sure previously. They do ask for your email but it’s only to send you your code, and you can skip this step if you choose to.

Once you have got your unique Energy Code you can come back to our site and Purchase the right products for you. Alternatively of course we have full stock in all of our salons where we can Energy Code you.

System Professional have produced a truly fantastic product line that will without doubt improve the condition of all hair types. So get Energy Coding!

Please click here to visit our Online Store.

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