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Top Life Hacks For Better Hair

Posted on 15. Sep, 2017 by in News, Opinion & gossip

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Woman brushing her hair with a wooden comb

Have a shoulder strap on your handbag? …well loose it. 

When slinging that bag over your shoulder, you’ll constantly be catching your hair. It may seem petty but hey, every penny counts and all that. Eventually your hair will become more and more brittle and begin to split and ultimately, break off. Maybe you don’t have to loose it, but being vigilant to how it’s affecting your hair will more than likely improve condition. 

Get a silk pillow case.

I know this sounds like unnecessary extravagance but hear me out. Don’t you ever wake up and wish you didn’t have those creases from the pillow embroiled onto your hair? Well not only will silk take care of that problem, you’ll also wake up with less frizz! If silk if out of the budget, hit the charity shop, get a scarf and make one. Job done.

Stop brushing your hair.

…but not forever. 

As i’m sure you can imagine, raking the tangle teaser through your hair as hard as possible doesn’t actually do you a lot of good. Sure you may get the knots out, but it’s not worth literally loosing your hair over. Instead section your hair, work from the tips back to the root and take your time. Keep in mind that your hair  is much more elasticated when it’s wet, and therefore, much easier to damage without you knowing about it. 

Don’t leave your hair wet

Imagine your hair like spaghetti. Obviously it isn’t but for this example it is. Spaghetti will just keep swelling, and eventually turn into mush. Same thing, sort of. Allowing your hair to swell will just make it weaker and weaker over time. So blow dry, even before bed. Also washing your hair with cooler water will also improve the condition as cold water closes the cuticle which means, shinier, strong hair that will hold colour for longer.

And it’s as easy as that!

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